Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hata no Kansa- Exhibit

Basement shops aren't really popular in Kagoshima. The city itself is only a few feet above sea level, and there's no subway system running under the streets. A few buildings do have basements, most notably the Yamakataya, Maruya Gardens and Amu Place department stores. Most other places don't, or if they do it's just for car parking. So, it's kind of disconcerting encountering a sign for an art exhibit in the basement of the Chuo building just south of Tenmonkan. I mean, what could be down there?

Some long hallways, and a couple bars and restaurants. Actually, one of the places is the United Cafe, which supports the Kagoshima United FC soccer team.

But, there's a long glass case in one wall that can be used for exhibiting artwork and stuff. What we have here is the "Hata no Kansaa exhibit," which translates to "Garden Gods". These are sculptures and carvings of creatures that represent, or protect, sweet potatoes and shochu by various artists.

Kind of looks like Trump.

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