Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Milk Man

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you dunked an MP3 player into a glass of milk? Me neither. But, my apartment is really small, and I've only got one small corner of the dining table to use when I'm on my laptop PC. At mealtime, I have to put the laptop on the floor to make room for my plate and coffee cup. When dinner is done, I move the laptop back up to the table, but occasionally there's no space to put my cup to the side of the PC where I can see it. Last night, I had to recharge my MP3 player, so I had it plugged into the USB jack of the laptop while it was on the floor. I moved everything up to the table, pushed my cup, which was half-full of milk, back behind the laptop, and sat down. A few minutes later, I relocated the player so it was also out of the way. Eventually, I got thirsty, and when I grabbed my cup from behind the laptop, I discovered the MP3 player sitting in the middle of it. I pulled the player out immediately and wiped the milk off the outside of the case, but enough had gotten in through the volume control button to create something of a lava lamp show on top of the LCD screen. I didn't dare lay the player down flat for fear that it would allow the milk to get in behind the screen. On the other hand, when I bumped a control, the screen would turn on to show that the Hold button was activated. At least I knew that the player hadn't completely fried yet.

(The milk has been cleaned out now. Most of it had gotten into the gutter at the top of the right-hand case assembly, and along the top inch of the LCD screen.)

I carefully removed the 2 small screws at the back of the case. The top cover was so firmly in place that I needed to use a screwdriver to pry it off. When I did, about half a tablespoon of milk poured out. I'd gotten lucky - the seals around the screen had kept the milk from getting to the circuit boards, and what had gotten into the case was mainly trapped in the gutter, and between the top cover and the LCD display. I wiped everything down with tissues and rubbing alcohol and put the case back together. The player works fine. I'm just hoping now that it doesn't develop a bad smell during the summer.

Looking at the user manual PDF, it does indeed state that dunking the player in milk is contra-indicated. The milk still tasted good, though (the stuff still in the cup, not the part that poured out of the player when I opened it).

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