Thursday, April 14, 2016

Onushi Figures

This is the third of the capsule ball dispenser toys I'd gotten all at the same time. The title reads "Onushi mo waru yo nyau", or "You did a bad thing, too, meow". It consists of 5 pieces in the series - 2 gangster boss cats, two minion cats, and a pair of tatami mats. Essentially, the boss is teasing the minion, who is offering up a box of gold coins. This is kind of a visual pun, too, in that the Japanese idiom "like a gold coin to a cat" has the same meaning as pearls before swine (i.e. - cats don't appreciate the value of money).

I got one of the minions. I love the guarded expression on its face. It's very well-made. About 1.5" long, 200 yen.

A better view of the gold coin box.

The camera had trouble focusing here, and I apologize for that. I just wanted to show the pad prints on the bottom of the paws. I might consider getting a couple more figures from this series - one of the bosses, and the tatami mats.

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