Sunday, May 29, 2016

Jump Ryuu - Eiichiro Oda

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Jump Ryu vol. 3 - Eiichiro Oda
I know I said that I wasn't going to buy any more of these DVD magazines right away, but I picked up some extra online work, which is bringing in enough money to justify my getting volume 3 at 1,330 yen (1,290 yen plus tax, or about $12 USD). This issue isn't quite as good as the one for Toriyama, in part because Oda hasn't been drawing manga as long, and doesn't have as many other titles to his name for a retrospective to cover, but also because there are only two A4 sheets, and only 3 DVD chapters. The A4 sheets include a color print of the One Piece cast playing on the beach, and a blue sheet of one manga page for further practicing of inking techniques.

(Examples of the two A4 sheets.)

(DVD case.)

(Photos from Oda's studio.)

(Examples of Oda's artwork.)

The DVD chapters have Oda drawing and coloring the A4 cast sheet (he uses soft-tip markers that give a watercolor feel to the pictures), a walkthrough of his studio (he has a full-size statue of a terminator in his office, a jukebox, and a big-screen monitor for playing video games), and the next installment of the Jump manga school series - this time on the use of screen tones. There's no real interview, just a rep for Jump asking Oda questions about what it's like to draw manga, and asking about some of the pens he uses. The conversations are all off-camera, and there's no pictures of him in the magazine. The unit on screen tones is pretty basic; if you have a scene showing clouds in the sky, pick a gradation screen, stick it on the entire panel, then cut along the lines for the panel and cloud and peel off the parts of the screen you don't want to keep.

(Part of the Jump school lessons for drawing manga.)

Overall, there's not really a lot here that I want to keep. The A4 color sheet is nice, and it's interesting watching Oda's hands creating the artwork on the DVD, but that's about it. Recommended only for people that want help making their own manga.

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