Monday, May 16, 2016

Kagoshima Music Festa, Day 1

The KMF was held on May 14th and 15th this year, in Central Park. It kind of took me by surprise, since I hadn't seen any advertising for it leading up to the event. However, I've been listening to the Bon Deluxe radio program on Wednesdays at 9:30 PM, and the host, Bon, said that one of his guests was going to be playing there that weekend, so I did have a little warning. I had to work on Saturday, but I got out of the apartment at 12:30, giving me time to stop in the park and catch the end of one set and the beginning of the next before I had to be at the school for my 1 PM lesson.

The event space had the regular food and shochu booths, and a table for selling the t-shirts (the fest is free, but the organizers sell t-shirts to raise money to pay the bands). The weather was bad most of the day, and it rained later in the afternoon.

There were never more than maybe 100 or 200 people in the audience at any one time. On the other hand, I did recognize several people from past music events, and I got to talk a bit to each one of them, including Bon. He didn't play this time because his bandmates had other plans. In fact, his sax and lead guitar (Nonki) players were in the O.D.O. Brothers band for the 3:30 PM set.

This is Bijo and Yajuu - Beauty and the Beast. They did a kind of female lead pop-folk. I only caught the last few seconds, so I really can't say much about them.

And this is Fuugai Rakudan, or "Wind Street Band". They did something along the lines of reggae. Nothing all that spectacular, so I kept going on to the school, rather than stick around to record them.

Afterward, I had a 2-hour break between lessons, so I returned to the park and decided to record a few of the songs for the blog. This group is Konbanwa (normally, konbanwa means "good afternoon", but the kanji reads "This time's ring". They did a pretty good rock set. I was particularly amused by Queen's "We are the Champions" lyrics being set to the music for Highway Star.

The Yamakawa High School band did some j-pop, plus a cover of a Doobie Brothers' hit. They have promise, but they're a bit too stiff right now.

This is the O.D.O. Brothers. The sax player also plays for Bon DX, although I don't recognize him. The lead guitar, Nonki, stayed mostly in the back where I couldn't get a good shot of him. The lead singer, in the blue jacket, is Wickie, the owner of a couple bars in Tenmonkan, including Wickie's House. I've seen him before, and I uploaded a video of him doing Southern All-Stars covers a few months ago. They did a kind of soft ballad rock set, and I assume it's Japanese covers.

This is Reina Inada. She did a kind of Japanese folk-pop. She was good, but I couldn't get in front of the stage to make a video recording because most of the audience had gotten there before me.

The last band up during my break was Dep II, a cover band specializing in Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. I wanted to get the entire set, but the battery died on my first camera half-way through the second song, and it started raining fairly heavily. I had to give up and stop at a convenience store to buy an umbrella on my way back to the school. Of course, the rain stopped after that.

Originally, I was scheduled to have classes until 9 PM, and the fest was going to end at 8:20. But, the final student cancelled at the last minute, and I was able to get to the park in time to catch the last song by the Mercy Band. Again, soft Japanese rock.

I'm going to keep the songs divided up this time, because some of the covers may get blocked by youtube's copyright filters, and I don't feel like having to edit the offending songs out if they get blocked. Let me know if youtube prevents you from seeing any of these (I know that Dep II is being flagged, at a minimum.)

Direct youtube link, Mercy Band

Direct youtube link, Yamakawa High School

Direct youtube link, Dep II

Direct youtube link, Konbanwa

Direct youtube link, O.D.O. Brothers Band, Part 1

Direct youtube link, O.D.O. Brothers Band, Part 2

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