Monday, May 9, 2016

Kagoshima Tea

The final Sunday following Golden Week was pretty much a loss as far as events go. I had to work Saturday, and the only activities down at Lotteria in Tenmonkan was a flower sale to promote the city of Kanoya (famous for its rose garden). Since it just consisted of a few tables of regular flowers, there was little reason to take pictures of it.

So, I went up to Amu Plaza on Sunday, and all they had was a promotion for green tea grown in the region. I like green tea occasionally, if it matches the food during lunch or dinner, but it's not something I buy or drink regularly.

There were a few children dressed up in traditional working clothes, and I assume they are members of families that have their own tea farms, and therefore are a part of the family business.

As usual with these kinds of tea promotions, there was a drinking area set up. The weather had turned bad again, with rain all day, so turn out was pretty light when I was there.

Can't have an event in Japan without the appropriate mascot showing up.

There was an event stage, but no schedule. Usually, these stages are used just to get the local tea growers to stand in front of the customers and advertise their products.

At the moment, though, the MC is taking a break.

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