Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Posters in the Post Office

I was in the post office one day, and I noticed a couple posters on the windows worth mentioning. The first is an announcement for the 19th Juniors Go tournament, featuring manga-style characters.

The second uses the Sazae-san characters to warn against telephone-based scams against the elderly. This is a particular problem in Japan, where scam artists call older people, claiming to be from the police or a bank, and request bank account or credit card numbers over the phone. The poster says "don't give your account information to people you don't know."

This one wasn't in the post office. Instead, it's in the advertising display case along the main roads around the city. It's for the 52nd Kagoshima University Classic Guitar Club Semester Concert. I just like the Goth Loli approach to the PR character.

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