Thursday, May 12, 2016

Suiboku Exhibit

The kanji here is "空仙水墨画会". "水墨画" is "suibokuga," which translates to "india ink painting."  "会" is "kai," or "association." "空仙" is the part I'm going to have trouble with. It's the name of the group, and is made up of the kanji for "sky" or "empty" (sora, kara or kuu), and "hermit" or "wizard" (sen or sento). It's hard to tell what the exact reading is, but I'm guessing at "Kuusen." This group has had exhibits at the Volunteer Center before, and is supported by all of the local TV stations. This is number 20, and ran from May 7th to the 12th. I was at the Volunteer Center on Thursday and decided to take photos of the paintings I liked best. Most of the other works are more amateurish-looking.

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