Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Toshima Ward Tourist Anime Maps

The Asahi newspaper ran a story recently about two new anime-related tourist maps that have been produced by Toshima ward. Toshima includes the Ikebukuro train station and the surrounding area. On the east side of the station, there's a street that has a growing number of shops aimed at female anime and manga fans, with cafes, cosplay stores, music and other collectables. On the west side, there's an area that Osamu Tezuka and some other famous old-school artists used to live in and frequent. There used to be an old wooden dorm-style apartment building called Tokiwa-sou, about 1 km from Ikebukuro station. Tezuka lived there for 1 year from 1952, using it as a studio. A number of other artists got their starts there as well, either working as unofficial assistants, or by talking over each other's work (including Ishinomori, Fukio Fujiko and Akatsuka Fujio). The building was torn down in 1982, but a monument has been erected roughly where it used to stand.

Toshima Ward wants to attract more tourists leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, so they've produced the following maps in English:

(Tokiwa-sou map, front)

(Tokiwa-sou map, back)

Ikebukuro Otome PDF maps, front
and, back

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