Monday, May 30, 2016

Zootopia Movie Boards

Slow weekends for the last two weeks. Nothing the weekend of the 21st, and the 28th only had a Kyushu regional "beer fest" (running until June 5th) in front of Amu Plaza. Unlike the beer fest last month, this one doesn't have any live events going on. It's just a few over-priced food booths, plus beer from breweries in Kirishima and Miyazaki. Tickets are 500 yen each for the beer, and you have to use the tickets one per glass. The glasses aren't very big, maybe 8-10 ounces. The one red ale I got was pretty good, but getting anything more than that is going to get pretty expensive very fast. I'd disappointed that Gen and Praha wasn't represented this time (it's a shochu factory near the Kirishima airport that is tied up with a Czech restaurant and brewery).


Looks like Zoopotia is going to be popular here.

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