Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fujiko Mine UFO Figure

I've dropped the number of times I check out the UFO Catchers and capsule ball dispensers on the 6th floor of Amu Plaza to about once a week. There's very little I have any interest in right now, so I've been trying to save my money. But, I was feeling bored, and when I had a few minutes to kill one night, I decided to see what was available. One of the UFO machines had two large figures from the Lupin III anime series - Goemon and Fujiko. The Fujiko box is labeled Groovy Baby Shot 1. There are three color designs - black, blue and bluish-purple. I actually had a little more interest in the Goemon figure because it's more of an action pose, but the box was positioned in the machine in such a way that it looked almost impossible to get. The Fujiko box looked more like it was just about to fall into the hopper, so I decided to try once to get it, and see what happens after that.

This figure was one try for 200 yen (3 tries for 500 yen) ($2 USD). I could move the box pretty easily on the first try, but I kind of jammed it into place more at the same time. I got some more change and went for the 500 yen shot. I kept moving the box farther along in the machine and I was thinking that my odds were getting better each time.

I put another 500 yen into the machine and got the box to fall into the hopper on the 5th try. That left 300 yen in the machine, and I tried getting the clerk to move my credits to a different machine, but this time she wouldn't do that. Instead, she put the blue suit version of Fujiko on the platform and only gave me 200 yen credit for it. The second box was too far to the side and the crane arm couldn't reach it cleanly. The box fell off the platform the wrong direction, completely outside the reach of the arm, so I gave up. Effectively, I got this figure on the 5th try, making her worth maybe 900 yen ($9 USD), but I'd ended up spending 1,200 yen total on the machine. Still, that's not that bad a price.

The figure comes in three pieces - the base, the upper torso, and the legs. They all form-fit together, making for a very tall, extremely well-detailed model. She's 7"-8" tall, which is significantly taller than the Denim Freaks One Piece version of Nico Robin.

Even her pants legs and boots are detailed, although these boots look like they belong to Lupin more than they do to Fujiko...

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