Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Momoiro Clover Tea Room

I've seen these bottle label designs before. They're identified as a "Momoiro Clover Z collaboration" and are really nothing more than illustrations of the MCZ pop idol singers on the front of the Royal Milk Tea bottles. Compared to the earlier manga tie-ins, like with Nodame Cantibile and Fairy Tail, these labels are pretty boring. Basically, it's just the girls as maids in a "tea room".

I'd considered buying a bottle just to take a picture for the blog, but once I realized I could get away with using my camera in the grocery store and snap the entire display case, I figured I was better off saving my money. Not sure why anyone would buy these bottles, other than to have a flat-colored illustration of a pop-singer staring at you while you drink pre-packaged tea.

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