Monday, June 13, 2016

One Piece Denim Figure

Yes, this entry is out of sequence.
This is the figure I mentioned in the Groovy Baby Shot article I was up on the 6th floor of Amu Plaza, walking around and looking at the capsule ball dispensers. They didn't have anything I wanted to spend money on, so I wandered over to the game arcade next door. One of the UFO Catcher machines had some anime-related figure that looked pretty nice, and I thought that it might be worth getting for the blog. I spent about 1,600 yen on it, and failed to get the box to fall into the hole. So, I gave up and kept walking. When I got to the machine with the Jeans Freak line of One Piece characters (each one is wearing denim in one form or another), I decided to try again.

This time the box moved more easily and it felt like I'd have an actual chance to win it. On the 12th try (1,200 yen) I got it. So, yeah, technically I spent 2,800 yen to get this one, but I prefer to view it as 1,200 on Robin and 1,600 yen spent on a different figure that I failed to get.

Nico Robin is very well-made, and stands about 7" tall. The figure comes in 3 pieces - the legs and skirt, the upper torso and head, plus the stand. If I were to get her from a store that sells figures directly, she'd probably cost $30, so I consider this to be a bargain, and I had fun winning something from the UFO Catchers.

I took the photos at Amu Plaza, and all the lighting came out much more yellow than the way it looks to the human eye.

Like I say, she's built well.

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