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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 3 comments

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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu vol. 3, by Yusei Matsui, Grade B+

The Kyoto school trip is all that Koro-sensei can hope for. A gang of high school dropouts kidnap Kaeda Kayano and Yukiko Kanzaki, and Karuma and Nagisa use the "sightseeing" guide he wrote to track down the villains and rescue their classmates (the guide has a supplemental map of all the locations where someone could make remote hideouts). Koro tracks down the rescuers, and between them they destroy the gang by smashing them all over the heads with the guide. In the meantime, Karasuma has instructed the sniper known as "Red Eye" to kill Koro during the school trip. Koro makes a point of remaining out in the open to give Red Eye clear shots at him (while on a train, at ballgames, and at an Edo-era recreation park filled with actors portraying samurai) just to keep the students from being hit by accident. Each of the sniper shots are thwarted, and Red Eye decides to give up and start a new profession, but Koro meets up with him at a restaurant to encourage him to try harder next time. There's also a hint that at one time, Koro had a love interest, back when he had fewer arms and legs (implying that he was human, once.)

(Book'em, Danno.)

The world leaders are panicking over how long Karasuma is taking to off Koro, and they send in the next assassin. This one is a duo, with one member already at the school. In actuality, the first killer is a monolithic slab, a computer programmed with an AI based on the Aegis missile control system, and built-in 3-D printers for manufacturing weapons and ammo. Her creator is the scientist heading the AI project. Over the first couple days, the AI keeps disrupting the class by shooting air soft pellets at shotgun speeds, with the intent of slowly improving its accuracy by the end of the year. Koro decides to reprogram the monolith to teach it how to get along with its classmates, turning it into a very "moe" virtual girl that gets nicknamed "Ritsu" (percentage). Her creator sneaks in one night with his military team to remove all the unnecessary software to turn her back into a killing machine, but Ritsu expected this and backed up her memories just in case. The next day, she's back to "normal."

(Ritsu is an angry girl.)

The next couple chapters are about a pair of upper level students that bully one of the 3-E members, so the rest of the class bands together to humiliate them (standard "exlax in the coffee" trick, but with weapons.)  The book ends with Irina's teacher, the teacher of assassination, Lovro Brovski, showing up to pull Irina out of the school because she's not good enough to go up against Koro.

(But she's feeling better, now.)

Again, lots of fun stuff in with the heightened tension moments. Recommended.

(How to deliver laxatives, the Koro-sensei way.)

Inside cover quote:
"When he's pink, he's relaxed.
He makes this face when he thinks of disgusting or careless things."

Back inside cover quote:
"Tentacles are great!
I'm going to try my hardest today!!
- Coach Koro
(From his World Baseball tournament victory speech)"

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