Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bad Mediafire

I'm getting very tired of having to fight with messed up software. First, Norton loses my anti-virus subscription and one of their techs ends up spending 2 hours remote-logging into my PC to manually force an uninstall and do an all-new install. That causes my camera management software to stop auto-launching when the camera is plugged in, so I have to delete the camera driver and reinstall that. That's followed by "network connection issues" preventing me from uploading videos to youtube from Firefox (Chrome uploads just fine). I haven't had time to address that yet, but it's probably something in the Norton firewall settings.

And now, Mediafire is breaking its own links to my photos. A few weeks ago, the photos I uploaded to mediafire for hosting for this blog stopped displaying when I would write up the blog entry. Not all the photos, just half, or so. If I went to the mediafire page for a given photo, it would display fine. I could copy the direct link for the photo and paste that into Notepad, but pasting the direct link into Firefox would result in a bad link indication. Chrome behaves the same way, so the problem is with Mediafire, not my computer. With some experimentation, I found that if I try downloading the photo from the Mediafire page, and IF the download works the direct link gets fixed. The first step is to left click on the photo itself. Mediafire will attempt to display the full-sized version of the file. If that times out, the next step is to click on the Download button. That opens a separate download screen, with the message "preparing file for download". When the message changes to "Download File," try step 1 again. If that still fails, then click the download button from step 2 and hope that the file downloads to the PC (if it does, open the file using photo viewer, or whatever). If step 3 works, then return to step 1 and do that again. Generally, one of the above methods will fix the direct link, eventually, but it can take maybe 5 minutes of screwing around for one file, and if there are 10 broken links, then I AM going to get impatient...

Keeping in mind that the problem isn't on the Blogspot side in my HTML. If the link gets restored on the Mediafire side, then all I have to do is refresh the blog page and the photos magically start showing up in the blog page.

Stupid Mediafire.

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