Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ceiling Light

This could be another Small Adventure. A few weeks ago, the main ceiling light started turning itself off automatically. At first I wondered if someone in a neighboring apartment was using a remote to control their lights and the signal was making its way to my apartment. So I'd turn on the light, and it would turn itself off a little later. Finally, it would turn off as soon as I hit the switch, so I came to the conclusion that the bulb was burning out.

Oddly, in doing a web search on this brand of light from NEC, I was completely unable to find a user manual saying how to remove the bulbs. I could take the cover off the fixture, but the socket on the smaller bulb felt like it was frozen. I didn't want to risk shattering the glass, so I kind of wanted to have the landlord, or someone at Benri (a convenience rental place) to deal with it for me. By this point, it was 9 PM and all the electrical supplies places were closed for the night. Then I got to thinking about trying to pry the socket lose with a plastic spoon or knife. I found an ice cream spoon of the right shape, and that worked.

The next morning, I ran up to Edion (which used to be Best Denki, the place that I bought the fixture from when I moved into the apartment 5 years ago) and got a replacement set of bulbs for about $20 USD. The bulbs are rated for 5 years, so I guess I should have expected this. Putting in the new bulbs and plugging in the sockets went smoothly.

I was hoping that Edion would take the old bulbs for recycling, but they refused. I just have to wait for light bulb pickup day from the trash service. And hope that I don't have to do this for another 5 years.

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