Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fukushima and Tokyo Ward coins

Well, the last of the Japan mint commemorative 500 yen coins have finally hit the streets. With Fukushima (the prefecture that had the big tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdown in 2011) and the 23 Tokyo Wards (the city of Tokyo by itself can almost be a prefecture in its own right), that's the full 48 coins. The series started in 2008, and I've put in links to the Japan Mint posts if you click on the year for each release. I discovered these coins in 2012, and I wasn't able to get any of the ones released before then. The coins with an asterisk are the ones I did get. Unfortunately, I waited too long at one point and Kagoshima sold out, and I was never able to find someone living elsewhere in Japan to get it for me. Either way, it's not too bad. And the coins are legal tender at all stores and banks, although they don't work in vending machines. So, I can still spend them, if I want to.

2008:  Hokkaido,  Kyoto,  Shimane            
2009:  Nagano,    Niigata                        
2009:  Ibaraki,   Nara                           
2010:  Kochi,     Gifu,       Fukui              
2010:  Aichi,     Aomori,     Saga               
2011:  Toyama,    Tottori,    Kumamoto           
2011:  Shiga,     Iwate,      Akita              
2012: *Okinawa,  *Kanagawa,  *Miyazaki           
2012: *Tochigi,  *Oita       *Hyogo              
2013: *Miyagi,   *Hiroshima, *Gunma                
2014: *Okayama,  *Yamanashi,  Kagoshima, *Shizuoka
2014: *Mie,      *Ehime,     *Yamagata           
2015: *Saitama,  *Kagawa,    *Ishikawa           
2015: *Yamaguchi *Tokushima  *Fukuoka            
2016: *Wakayama, *Osaka,     *Nagasaki,  *Chiba  
2016: *Fukushima,   *Tokyo Wards        

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