Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 10th

Another slow weekend. Heavy rains most of the time. There was a typhoon coming up from Okinawa, but it veered away from Kagoshima at the last moment. I had to work all Saturday, keeping me indoors. On Sunday, I had to run up to Amu Plaza to get a couple supplies for a papercraft guitar project I'd started the week before. The department store was hosting another of their arts and crafts fairs, with no live show. The only interesting thing this time was the slack line. 100 yen for 10 minutes. The two guys running the slack line would hold people's hands for the first few minutes, and then they'd let go and watch their clients fall off a lot.

Bicycles, jewelry, old books, and whatever anyone else wanted to try to sell.

And a play house for the kids. The set workers have had to take the play house down and put it back up at least 4 times since May. I guess it's semi-steady work.

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