Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 17

Sigh. I wouldn't say that time flies by, but it certainly is inexorable. Another year, another post to sum everything up at the end.

I'm not sure if there are any real high or low lights this time. GoComics switched the methods they use for running contests, and I haven't won anything since they did. I have clicked on the "click on Facebook link to register 5 votes" link, but the next time I check the button, it says I have 0 votes registered for that contest. I assume that there's a glitch, or that other people are clicking on the Twitter and whatever buttons to register 25 votes total, and the odds are skewed against me now. Regardless, no freebies this year.

Oh, wait. "High" lights... Climbed Kaimondake mountain at the beginning of the year. 900 meters (2,900 feet) up. Thought I was going to die almost every step of the way. That was a good way to learn just how out of shape I am...

Lots of events, though. From last fall to the middle of last winter, it was almost 2-3 events a week. Lots of good music, and I was able to make contacts with several local musicians, the most important one being Bon, the leader of the Bon Deluxe ska band. A couple kiri-e classes, too, and I made a few kiri-e pieces that turned out ok. Speaking of paper art and papercrafts, I built a papercraft electric guitar that I donated to the live music stage and bar, Wicky's House, last night.

Jump magazine started their Jump Ryu bi-weekly DVD magazine series, and I've collected the 3-4 volumes that I'm interested in so far. The next one I want will get to Kagoshima on July 20th. And I've written up guides and reviews of Ajin, Attack on Titan, and the latest few volumes of C.M.B. and Q.E.D., which is good. Got a few used Nintendo DS games that I liked, most notably Cross Treasures, Nodame Cantible and Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light.

The Japan Mint commemorative 500 yen prefectural coin series will wrap up today in Tokyo, but the last two coins - Fukushima and Tokyo Ward - won't hit Kagoshima until maybe July 20th. Looking forward to getting those.

My other blogs have kind of stalled, though. There's very little to write about for the Gakken/Science blog because Gakken hasn't come out with a new kit since last Fall. I'd been holding twice-weekly polls for the Luann Tracker blog to keep people visiting that and get them to look at the popularity tracker for the Luann comic strip. But, when I reached the 1 year anniversary mark I figured I might as well retire the poll, and just update the comments tracker about once a week. So, the Tracker blog has dropped down to maybe 1-2 hits a day now. If it goes to 1-2 a week I'll delete the blog site.

Otherwise, not a whole lot else to write about here. Got 2 really nice commissions for my birthday and Christmas from my family (Matt Howarth and Carol Lay), and I like those.

So, adios to year 8. Time to face year 9.

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