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Jump Ryuu #14 - Masanori Morita

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Jump Ryu vol. 14 - Masanori Morita (1,290 yen)
Finally, a Jump Ryuu issue that I want to buy. Morita is the creator of the high school delinquent fight manga, Rokudenashi Blues, and the school baseball series, Rookies. I'm not really a fan of either title, but Rokudenashi Blues was still running in Shonen Jump magazine when I first came to Japan, and when I was on my first flight here, one of the other passengers on the plane, from South Korea, lent me one of the volumes he was reading to kill the time into Narita. And, I have read the English translations of most of Rokudenashi, so I do have an interest in Morita, and I was looking forward to listening to him if he was interviewed on the DVD.

(The insert art sheet on the left, the blue sheet on the right.)

(The alternative DVD clamshell wrapper sheet.)

The mook package has the standard DVD, 20-page magazine, and two art sheets. The main art piece is the lead character from Rokudenashi, and the blue sheet (for practicing inking) is from Rookies. There is one extra item this time (don't know if it's new to this volume, or if it was introduced some time after Ansatsu Kyoshitsu) - an alternative wrapper for the DVD featuring the above artwork from Rokudenashi. This is cool, and I don't want to damage it by actually putting it around the DVD clamshell case. The magazine also has the standard stuff - Morita's timeline (he debuted in 1984 with "It's Late"), the manga he drew leading up to the current date (in the "Road to Jump" section), and a sampling of screen shots from the DVD showing his studio and some of the signed artwork he's collected from Tezuka. Then there are the sections on how to ink the blue sheet, and examples of artwork from the other Jump artists (Dragonball, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, etc.) and finally closing with the advertisement for the next volume, featuring One Punch Man.

The DVD starts out with Morita giving a tour of his house, with photos of boxers, artwork from Tezuka, and bookshelves filled with Tezuka manga. Morita is a collector who likes figures, and signature cards he buys from Mandarake. Then, the camera goes to Morita's studio, where he has tables set up for 6 assistants (none of whom were around at the time of taping). He spends several minutes talking about his choice of pens and brushes, and what his drawing style is like. He also has a huge library of photos he's taken from around Tokyo for manga references. This is followed by the video of Morita drawing the artwork for the magazine insert sheet from scratch, with commentary. Unlike with some of the younger artists, he uses real brushes with actual watercolor paints, topped with acrylic paints for highlights.  The last chapter has the Jump Ryu editors talking about how to draw sand (deserts, beaches, the moon, etc.)

(Highlights from the DVD.)

(How to ink the blue sheet.)

In terms of learning how to draw manga, as well as getting a better understanding of who any one of the specific artists are, vol. 14 probably has the best DVD of the set so far (it's certainly the best of the ones I've bought). Recommended.

After this we get: Vol. 15 (Aug. 4) - Yusuke Murata (Eyeshield 21, One-Punch Man), Vol. 16 (Aug.18) - Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro (Toriko), Vol. 17 (Sept. 1) - Masakazu Katsura (Video Girl Ai, I"s) and Vol. 18 (Sept. 15) - Osamu Akimoto (Kochira Kameari). I only want Masakazu and Akimoto.

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