Monday, August 1, 2016

Ajin Capsule Ball Figure

I guess one way to tell how popular a manga is is when a line of capsule ball figures comes out for it. Ajin has been running since 2012, although I've only recently started reading it. Because I have finished the first 8 volumes, and ran the reviews of them here, I guessed I might as well get one of the keychains.

There are five in the series (Tosaki, Kei, Kai, Satoh and Izumi), and they're billed as "double figures". Each main figure is about 1" tall, and is paired with a second item (such as a ghost or a cap.) I got Tosaki, with a box of his favorite mints.

They're well-made and fairly-well detailed, but I don't quite care for the super-deformed style. 300 yen each. I'm debating whether to try one more time and get one of the characters with a ghost (probably doesn't matter which one, although I'd like to get Izumi, if possible.)

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