Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Barron County Pioneer Village, Part 1

(Mediafire is messing up again. If a photo doesn't show up, just click on it to see it at the Mediafire site.)

(Not sure what this is. Maybe a wire puller.)

While in Wisconsin, I visited the Pioneer Village in Barron County. Lots of good stuff to look at, if you like old machines, old buildings, or old coffee grinders. I ended up taking 60+ photos, so I'm going to split them over 3 posts, and spread the posts out over a week or so.


(Don't drink the water.)

("Little Tattler Radio Headset.")

(Old radios.)

(Traveling medicine man. The sign says that Watkins had been the first to put a "trial mark" on their bottles. If you returned the bottle and the level of the contents was still above the trial mark, you'd get a full refund.)

(Sample medicine case.)

(Tools of torture for the typical dentist.)

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