Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hawai'ian Festa

There's an Hawai'ian Festa running at the open plaza in front of the Yamakataya department store from Aug. 2nd to the 7th. According to the schedule, it just seems to be a bunch of dance demonstrations from all of the schools around the city. Last year, they had professional performances from people from Hawai'i, but I can't tell if they're doing that this year or not.

On Tuesday, I had classes from 1 PM to 4 PM, so I only saw a few minutes of the school dancing at 4 PM, before I returned home. This is not my cup of tea, so I only took a couple photos before leaving. I was thinking of swinging by Tenmonkan again on Wednesday to see if they had anything different, but we got hit by a flash storm and I stayed home all day.

I've got more classes during the day Thursday and Friday, so maybe I'll catch a few more minutes of the dancing then.

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