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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 11 comments

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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu vol. 11, by Yusei Matsui, Grade B+

(Baiting the American to attack, then using "tentacle" on him.)

Kimura is one of the kids who hates the name his parents gave. While the normal reading of the kanji would be "Masayoshi," both his parents are police officers, and they named him "Justice." Kirara Hazama is in the same boat. She's a gloomy goth girl (and member of Ryouma's gang), but her mother named her "Kirara" in the hopes she'd be cute and sparkly. And, the other teachers only call Koro-sensei "you" or "that octopus." Koro decides that everyone will spend the day calling each other by codenames as they try to hunt Karasuma through the woods. The final result is that Justice is the only one to actually tag Karasuma with a paint gun, and he prefers the idea of keeping his name so that when he kills Koro, "Justice" will be printed on the front page of the newspapers.

Gakuhou tells his son, Gakushu Asano, to act like a leader, in order to replace him as chairman of the school. Gakushu (usually referred to as "Asano") promises "Mr. Chairman" that he will do so. This leads into the story of Yuuma Isogai. Yuuma comes from a poor family. So poor, that when he wins goldfish at matsuri fish scoop booths, he slices them up as sashimi for the rest of his family. Right now, he's working part-time at an upscale cafe to make money while his mother is sick, and he's very popular because he's so handsome (ikemen). He's also leader of the 3-E class. Unfortunately, Asano discovers him at his job, which violates school rules for junior high students. Rather than blow the whistle on him, Asano challenges the entire class to the upcoming pole toppling event at the school's sports day. Isogai is afraid of putting the class at risk, which is no longer ikemen-like and the class "boos" him.

(Isogai learns to rely on his team by being a good supporter.)

Asano recruits 4 monster students from around the world (Texas, China, France and Brazil) for the event. When the time comes, everyone is watching 3-A and 3-E, waiting for the carnage. However, the 3-E kids do the unexpected (running into the stands, pinning the Texan under the pole, running behind the track to sneak up on the 3-A pole from the blind side, none of which are disallowed by the rules) and soon the 3-B, 3-C and 3-D classes are rooting for them, too. Asano tries to act as leader and direct everyone from the top of the pole, while Isogai is running around the field with the rest of his team interactively, shouting out code cues (like, "everyone, tentacle!"). At the end, 3-E wins. Later, in his office, Gakuhou berates Asano and the 4 foreigners, telling them they need to learn from defeat. The Texan gets angry at the way the chairman insults them, and Gakuhou invites all four of them to attack him together. He easily destroys them, then tells his son how he once defeated a black belt 3 days after joining the karate club as a white belt. The first day, the black belt kicked him to the floor and beat him up. The second day, he sat at the sidelines of the mat and just watched. The third day, he used what he'd seen to completely destroy his opponent. He then asks Asano why the boy isn't angrier at having just lost the pole game. The boy sees his father as a monster. Meanwhile, the class congratulates Isogai on the win, and he tries to get the janitors to give him the leftover bread from the girls' bread jumping game (the girls run around a track and try to grab bread suspended by a string from a pole with their teeth.)

(Koro-sensei rarely gets mad at his students. But, it does happen.)

After a long day of study, one of the boys suggests that they free run across the roofs of the buildings in the city to get home faster. The kids all agree, and they are having lots of fun until they come down in an alley on top of an old man on a bike. A passing florist hears the commotion and calls an ambulance. Back at the school, a few of the kids try to claim that the accident wasn't their fault, and Koro gets mad, slapping them all in the face. He says that he'd made a mistake in thinking that they were more adult than they really are, and Karasuma says the same thing, but that he's willing to overlook this one time. The kids say they're sorry, and Koro tells them that although the next big test is coming up in 2 weeks, that he's going to stop their cram lessons now in order for them to stand in for the old man while he recovers from his leg injury in the hospital (which is expected to take 2 weeks).

(Better teaching through assassination.)

The old man runs a preschool, and the kids are all delinquents. The building is rundown, and falling apart. Karasuma has lumber brought in, and the stronger kids set to work in building a new school. Isogai and a couple others develop plans to make the school sustainable, while Kayano entertains the kids. The real hard case is a slightly older girl named Sakura, who keeps getting bullied when she goes to her regular school. Nagisa teaches her how to handle herself in front of the bullies, and her grades improve. When the old man recovers and returns to the school, nothing the 3-E group does impresses him (from the new building to a bicycle converted into a merry-go-round power generator). He claims that if you don't understand the children's hearts, everything else is pointless. That's when Sakura runs up to Nagisa and happily announces that she'd successfully intimidated the bullies with the "assassin's eyes," and gotten the second best scores on the tests for the class. The old man relents, and promises to not reveal Koro's existence to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, while the kids did well in contributing to society, they lost 2 weeks worth of study and exercise time. All of them do poorly on the mid-term tests, except Karuma, who kept studying along with all of the other work he'd been doing. He's now the second best student in the school, behind Asano (and is now better than Asano's 4 gang members). Karasuma comments that the training they've been doing is too tough on the kids' uniforms, so the government is issuing them all state-of-the-art combat gear to use in the time remaining to the end of the school year (it's October now, so there's only 5 months left to 0 day).

Inside cover quote:
"This new color, blue, appears when you're taking a test or using your brain.
Because it's the same color as the Bikkuri-man protective seal, he calls
this his "Protective Blue." To protect your test scores, please put covers on your
reference books."

Back inside cover quote:
"Someone that looks like they wiggle is probably a friend.
- Korora"

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