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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 12 comments

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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu vol. 12, by Yusei Matsui, Grade B+

(Shinagami kills Red Eye.)

The kids use the new combat suits to sneak up on Koro and completely disrupt him at his hobbies (barbecuing meat, sculpting "rocket" statues, and reading Jump magazine). He complains, and they say that they're more determined to kill him now. This makes him happy, and he promises to do his best to teach them what they need to know in the next 5 months. Koro has a brief flashback of a smiling woman holding his tentacles (there was a hint in an earlier volume that she may have been the 3-E teacher before him), and then Irina comes up to tell the class that she'd helped in designing the girls' uniforms. The group learns that their teacher's birthday was 4 days earlier, and Karasuma hadn't noticed. They decide to play matchmaker again, and encounter the florist that had seen them run into the old man in the last volume. The florist asks if they're all ok, then talks them into spending their full $40 on a bouquet for Karasuma to give Irina. Elsewhere, Red Eye attempts to evade a pursuer who uses a "secret magic attack" to kill him without using a visible weapon. He calls himself Shinagami (God of Death) and he's killing other assassins. Irina is next on his list.

(Shinagami loves it when his prisoners try to run away.)

The kids try to put their "date plan" into effect, but Karasuma doesn't have a romantic bone in his body, and Irina thinks the kids are just trying to embarrass her. She gives the flowers back, leaves the school and, 3 days later, still hasn't come back. Karasuma is busy with government work, and Koro flies to Brazil to watch the World Soccer Cup. While all the teachers are gone, the florist enters the room, addresses the kids by name, says that he is Shinagami, and that he's kidnapped Irina. Everyone realizes that he's wearing chameleon pants (his lower half becomes invisible as he stands at the front of the room). He disappears in a cloud of smoke, leaving a flower and a map behind, with instructions that the class not talk to anyone else, and that everyone should arrive at a warehouse to rescue Irina. They also find the microphone the guy put in the earlier bouquet to spy on them. They put on their new combat clothes and go to the building, only to have the room lower on an elevator to the next floor down, which is fully encaged. As Shinagami is monologing, the bomb experts blow a hole into the air vents and everyone runs away. This overjoys Shinagami, who loves a good chase.

The class breaks up into three teams (A, B and C). Shinagami finds team A first, and easily defeats everyone, including Nagisa (he uses the sumo "cat slap" back on the boy, paralyzing him). Team B locates Irina and attempts to rescue her, but she's flipped sides and is now working with Shinagami (who claims to have grown up in the same war-torn city environment she had). She drugs team B, and team C gets caught by Shinagami as an afterthought. (Itona is in team C, but Koro told him that he shouldn't fight for a while until he has recovered from the surgery to remove his tentacles.) Shinagami also hacks Ritsu, making her useless. They're returned to their cell, and Shinagami puts bomb collars on them, and cuffs their hands behind their backs. However... Lovro has survived Shinagami's earlier attack, and he calls Karasuma to warn him of the killer killer. Karasuma then notices that the 3-E classroom is empty and the kids are missing. And, Koro doesn't understand why the Brazilians are angry at him, so he tries to call his students for explanations, and no one is answering their phones.

(Shinagami is LEVELS above Nagisa in using the same assassination techniques back at him.)

From the cell, Karuma can see a camera monitor at the other end of the room, and one of the outdoor cameras shows Koro dressed up as a dog, following the students' scents, and Karasuma is holding the leash. Shinagami meets the two in the first room, and uses Irina as bait to trick Koro into standing over a trapdoor leading to the prison cell. Koro falls into the cell, which is titanium reinforced and coated with anti-sensei material. Shinagami takes the stairs to the next floor down, and explains his trap - the building is constructed over a waterway leading to a pumping station next to a river. The pump can push 200 tons of water into the drain every second. The water will flow through the prison cell, and the force against the cell bars will chop all of them into pieces, killing Koro with the children. Karasuma is shocked at this brutality, but Shinagami is working with the Japanese government with their blessing, so Karasuma can't touch him, and Irina just wants to be on the winning side.

(Animals are more afraid of you than you are of them.)

Karasuma is a teacher first, and government lapdog second, so he punches Shinagami in the face. Shinagami races out of the room to get to the pumproom controls. Karasuma runs after him. The kids demand answers from Irina, and she says that none of them will understand her world, then she angrily throws her bomb collar at them before leaving the room, too. Shinagami sets up various bomb and deadman traps as he goes. Karasuma knows that he doesn't have much time, so he simply triggers the traps and keeps them from killing him (with the bomb behind the door trick, Karasuma just jumps away at the speed of the blast and uses the flying door to act as a shield for him). When he gets to the machine gun mounted dobermans, his claim to "love dogs" makes them leave him alone. The kids think he's a monster. As this is going on, Koro watches the monitors, and says that if they can't use strength to escape, they need to use their weaknesses to their advantage. One of the boys, Mimura, looks at Irina's collar and the security camera, and says they might be able to do that.

Summary: Yes, this is teenage wish fulfillment fantasy, but it's a fun one. Highly recommended.

Inside cover quote:
"This is a proposal for a new Sensei design.
This expensive-looking "Koro-gram" will turn a 400 yen manga volume into something that appears to be worth 10,000 yen.
If you give this to your girlfriend, she will be happy."

Back inside cover quote:
"I like Kirin-san. But, I like tentacles even more.
- Koro Moving Center"

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