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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 14 comments

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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu vol. 14, by Yusei Matsui, Grade B+

(The school chairman switches up his psychological treatment of the 3-A class, to his son's disgust. Meanwhile, Koro-sensei tries to get Karuma more excited about the upcoming test.)

The gang of delinquent drop-outs from the Kyoto field trip have tracked Nagisa and crew back to the school, and they're prepared to destroy the 3-E class' reputation. But, the food is so good, and Irina is so sexy, that they find themselves racing back to the train station to get money from an ATM. At the main school campus, Asano and his gang of 4 have hired an idol dance group, and Asano himself is preparing to go on stage to play guitar. Students pay money to get in to see the show, but the food and drinks are free, so the seats are packed. Slowly, though, friends of the 3-E group (assassins, the pre-school students, and even Smog, Gastro and Grip) drop by and fill the seats. Eventually, the trust fund baby that Nagisa had tricked, Yuuji, sees the online ads for the school event, and he comes in to hit on "Nagisa-chan". One of the other girls puts Nagisa in a dress and has him read cues cards to get Yuuji to buy everything on the menu. But, the appearances of Red Eye (not dead yet) and Lovro (he got better) makes Yuuji suspicious. He's seen his father lie to enough people to tell when someone is lying to him now. Nagisa admits that he's a boy, and that everyone here are killers. Yuuji leaves, saying that he was naive. The day ends with the class having done decent business, but it's not enough to beat Asano's group.

The next day, the line to the 3-E classroom runs all the way down the hill. Turns out that Yuuji runs a gourmet blog, and he gave full thumbs up to the 3-E menu. There are so many people that 3-E runs out of food. The kids prepare to strip the woods around the hill bare to meet demand, but Koro tells them to close up shop. He gives a speech on the importance of depending on others, and how it's bad to kill the environment for a short-term gain. The last customer of the day arrives, Hiromi, Nagisa's mother. She'd seen the reports on the cafeteria event on TV and wanted to witness it in person. All that's left in stock is one glass of grape juice, which she says is good. The event ends, and Asano's group of five wins for having the best sales. However, the 3-B and 3-C students are so excited at how well 3-E has been doing, and how good the food was, that they're now talking about being willing to be demoted to 3-E to become more successful themselves. This is the last thing that Chairman Gakuhou wants to hear.

(Gakuhou practices his form of "education" on the 3-A class, turning them into 3-E hating zombies.)

Gakuhou calls the gang of 5 into his room, and asks why they didn't try spreading rumors that the 3-E food had been drugged or insect-infested. His son complains that his father is becoming inconsistent - if 3-A are the "chosen ones," they should be winning through simple superiority, not by cheating. Gakuhou tells him to leave, then spends three minutes whispering insidious things into the ears of the other four. Asano is shocked, and he goes to 3-E to ask them to "assassinate" the chairman's teaching style. Karuma refuses, saying that Asano should be focusing on his own goals, and whoever is best will end up with the best grades whatever else happens. Asano accepts this and leaves. Then, the next couple weeks are spent with Gakuhou teaching the rest of 3-A, and Koro telling 3-E that they should try to all get into the school's top-50 list. Gakuhou has his test designers come up with the most monstrous exam questions yet, and the designers can't believe that these tests are for junior high students in a no-name school. Additionally, Gakuhou goes to Karasuma and demands an extra $10 million from the government for permission to use his school as an assassination grounds. Karasuma's assistant, Sonokawa, complains that the total payments threaten to exceed the bounty on Koro's head. Karasuma is unable to say no to the chairmen.

(Gakuhou reflexively slaps his son for standing up to him, not even knowing why he'd done it.)

The test comes and goes, and it's the hardest thing any of the students have ever faced. Karuma gets to the last problem (on an atomic cubic lattice structure) and starts thinking about something Nagisa had said once. Karuma had been tutoring him on physics, and the boy had commented on how skilled he was. The thing is, Nagisa is a much better assassin. Okuda is more focused, when studied chemistry, and Ryouma is the more perfect idiot. Karuma doesn't see himself as being all that special, and envisions the class as being like the lattice cube. He realizes that there's a simpler way to reach the solution, = (a^3)/2. Asano keeps trying to use the hard approach and runs out of time before finishing his answer. The final result is that Asano loses three points on the science test, and Karuma gets a perfect score. The next day, Koro posts the results, with Karuma taking top position for the school, and everyone else being in the top 50 (Ryouma did the worst, and still came in at #46). The rest of the school is stunned, and the 3-A class thanks Gakuhou for his help, but they'd rather be demoted to 3-E themselves. Gakuhou's hand snaps out by itself and smashes his son in the face. Asano accepts this as his father's final answer, and the class walks out, leaving Gakuhou in the empty room.

(Gakuhou loses it.)

A couple days later, as Koro is congratulating his class and discussing their next steps, there's a loud smashing sound. Gakuhou has sent in front-end loaders to destroy the building. He then presents Koro with a pink slip, and talks about how he's going to kill Koro himself and use the reward money to establish new schools around the country with individual locked cells and sensory deprivation virtual reality helmets to provide his style of education. But, he's a gambling man and wants this to be an interesting gambit. He's had 5 hand grenades made up - 4 with anti-Koro pellets, and one normal grenade that would kill himself. He has 5 textbooks, and takes the pins out of the grenades and puts one in each of the books at a problem that Koro needs to solve. Koro has to open the book, read the problem and solve it before the grenade goes off. And he has to continue before regenerating from any damage he takes. Koro opens the first book and the grenade explodes, injuring him. Gakuhou starts gloating, but Koro then solves the next problem without triggering the grenade. Turns out that Koro has memorized every textbook in Japan, and he just needs to know the page number for the problem, and he can then write the answer down after that. Koro knows that the last book is supposed to contain the anti-human grenade, and he asks Gakuhou what is going to happen next. The chairman is almost completely consumed in his madness, needing his form of education to work right. Then he starts flashing back to when he was more naive and carefree, when he first opened his school.

Summary: Oh, this is getting fun, fun, fun. I'm loving this series, and the interactions between everyone.I also like the in-jokes, the cameo mentions of Naruto, Toriko and even Golgo-13. Highly recommended.

Inside cover quote:
"A proposal for a new design from Koro-sensei.
This camouflaged face is called "Koro-camo." It will hide your face from
every enemy. No one will be able to escape the "liquefied Koro-sensei faces.""

Back inside cover quote: originally printed in English

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