Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Astroboy The Video Game DS

While I was in Eau Claire, I hit the Game Stop in the mall to see what they had for used games. There was nothing for Japanese RPGs, but they did have a copy of Astroboy The Video Game, based on the CG movie that came out some years ago, for $2.50. Turns out that this is an exemplary example of a bad side scroller. Response to the movement buttons is sluggish, and trying to take actions during jumps generally fails. There's little relation between the story sequences and the game stages, and the dialog stuff makes little sense. That is, when Astroboy talks, he only has one pose - a shot of his smiling face. Which looks really amateurish when he's smiling while crying out of frustration or anguish.

Anyway, I don't like sidescrollers, and I gave up after being unable to clear the third stage of the first chapter. I'll keep this game for the collection, but that's about it. Fortunately it was only $2.50, so I'm not out much.

Not recommended.

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