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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 20 comments

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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu vol. 20, by Yusei Matsui, Grade B+

The kids brief Koro on the laser and barrier systems, and he's impressed by both their information gathering abilities, and the state of the art of the tech being turned against him. The class is angry that society is still trying to destroy their teacher and he gives them a lesson on social survival techniques. Sometimes, society deals you lemons (an abusive boss, a bad work environment, stupid politicians, etc.) You may want to fight back, but don't. Shrug, accept the current situation, and figure out how to move past it without making waves. This is one of those situations where you don't waste energy complaining or trying to buck the system. Koro comments that Nakamura, the girl that hates being a good girl, had avoided most of the battle up the hill, and he smells sugar from her. She pulls a piece of cake from her belt pouch and says that according to their previous teacher, Agura, this is his birthday, so happy birthday. The kids sing to him, and just as he's about to eat the cake, Guinea Pig 2 destroys it, and Shiro wishes him a "happy day to die now." GP2 takes his disguise off to reveal a tentacled horror that can move at Mach 40. However, because of the anti-sensei barrier, GP2 is going to have to constrain his movements somewhat. Shiro could just wait a few more minutes before the laser fires, but he wants to see Koro humiliated and the class killed by his own hand. The kids insult him for using GP2 as a tool to avoid getting his hands dirty, so Shiro injects himself with the tentacle seeds, and double-teams Koro.

(Shiro and Shinagami 2.)

(Shiro has injected himself with the tentacle seed, and Koro is now losing the battle.)

(Shinagami 2 kills Kayano.)

The fighting goes on for a while, with Koro taking damage. Eventually he figures out GP2's and Shiro's patterns and avoids getting hit any further, so Shiro tells GP2 to direct energy attacks at the kids. Koro takes the blasts full on to keep the kids from getting hurt. Karasuma arrives to threaten Shiro for targeting his students, and Shiro easily punts him away. The class thinks that Koro's getting hurt is their fault, and he yells at them that this is his job as a teacher. Kayano pulls out a knife to attack GP2, and he kills her with a tentacle to the chest. Shiro laughs hysterically as Koro turns black, but everyone notices something's different this time. In fact, Koro is switching through all of his expressions and colors so fast that the energy beam he's forming is turning out pure white. Shiro pumps more serum into GP2, and its power level doubles. GP2 tries to attack, but Koro releases his energy weapon first, blowing the monster into the air. The backblast launches Shiro into the air as well, and he helplessly flies through the anti-sensei barrier. Since the tentacle serum is in his blood stream now, it hurts a lot. Koro then remembers when his ex-student had started flower arranging as part of one of his assassination assignments, and he'd told the boy to keep doing it. Koro apologizes to the monster for not having been a better teacher, and he hopes they meet again and do better in their next lives. Koro stabs the monster in the chest with an anti-sensei knife (with a piece of paper as protection against the blade for himself), and the boy dies happily.

(Making Koro angry.)

(Nagisa kills Koro in the end.)

(Koro goes on to his next life.)

(Making Nagisa sad.)

(On the last day of the class, the 3-E students have graduated.)

When the battle ends, the class looks at Kayano's corpse, and Koro reveals that since something like this had happened before with Agura, he was prepared this time. He'd used his tentacles to pull out Kayano's heart and some extra blood, and he sets to sewing her back to new again, replacing any missing cells with some of his own. He does take blood from some of the other students who are type AB (Itona and Karuma). He says he's glad he'd read that book on heart surgery after all. He also gets Nakamura to feed him the remains of the cake mixed in with the dirt, because he hasn't had sugar for a week. Kayano recovers, then demands to know why her clothes are still all torn up. Then, Koro collapses and the class realizes that the time has come. They hold down his tentacles, and Nagisa prepares to stab him in the chest with an anti-sensei knife. Nagisa works up the courage to make the kill, and Koro tells him that he has to do this with a smiling face, stabbing through the puncture hole in the necktie over his heart. Koro calls out one last role call, and everyone answers "here." Nagisa starts crying as he smiles, then stabs Koro in the chest. The monster breaks up into little balls of glowing light which fade and disappear. Nagisa starts bawling as the rest of the class also begins crying, including Karuma. The narrator says it will soon be midnight. The day of graduation has arrived. One step at a time, they have finally graduated. The final page shows Agura and Koro being reunited in front of the destroyed moon.

Summary: The battle is over, Koro has achieved his goals, and the kids will now continue on to high school and an unknown future. There is one book left, and then the series ends. Highly recommended stuff.

Inside cover quote:
I saw Koro Sensei as a mountain.
He had flowers, hills and seeds. Even when it's cold, his students can feel warm.
It's that kind of octopus hill.

Back inside cover quote:
Boy, take my tentacle.
- Koro-sensei

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