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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 21 comments

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Ansatsu Kyoshitsu vol. 21, by Yusei Matsui, Grade B+

It's all just aftermath now. The kids were still on the hill when the laser fired, but it had no effect on humans. They went into the classroom to look at the memory albums Koro had made for them, and the books were so overly detailed and illustrated that everyone had simply fallen to sleep, forgetting to feel grief. The kids graduate, and Nagisa is surprised to see both of his parents at the ceremony for him. Koro had talked to them previously, to try to get them to reconcile their differences for his sake, showing that Koro's influence still lives on.  The horde of reporters descend on the 3-E class, but Asano and the 3-A kids run defense for them, giving them time to escape to a waiting armored bus. Time passes and we get little event summaries. Yanagisawa survived going through the barrier, but he's now a motionless quadriplegic in a nursing home, and all his research has been discredited. The junior high school has been closed because of the perceived acceptance of the threat against the students posed by Koro, but Gakuhou is expected to find new work elsewhere. He's joined by his first two former students, who have grown up strong and want to help him anyway they can. The 3-E kids received the reward/hush money, but to prevent them from misspending it, Koro had it confiscated and reapplied to other causes, such as for financing the pre-school. The Earth's gravity causes the remaining crescent moon to collapse and reform as a small, more compact moonlet. And Irina now works for General Karasuma, they're married and expecting a child.

(The moon breaks up.)

(Nagisa asks his class to take their seats.)

Kayano has returned to acting, but she takes a break to revisit the school on the anniversary of Koro's death. Everyone else is there too, and they work to repair the building and grounds. Some of the kids went out to become tour guides, acrobats, and so on. Takebayashi and Manami took her formula and perfected it, selling it to a pharmaceutical company. Sugino became a pro-baseball player, Ryouma became an assistant to a politician, and Yoshida (bikes), Muramatsu (ramen) and Itona (electronics) all followed their father's footsteps in taking over their family businesses. Ritsu became a net star, and everyone else followed their own dreams. Which leaves one last person. Nagisa had hoped to become a popular, beloved teacher. But, he hadn't grown at all after junior high (Karuma hit 185 cm), and he's taken over a class of third-year junior high school punks that threaten him because he's so short. But they say the magic words ("I'll kill you") and his training takes over and the kids settle down after he "kills" their leader. He still has no self-confidence, though. When he walks to the front of the class to take roll call, the leader sees the shape of Koro-sensei next to him.

(Nagisa wakes up from his dream, and joins his class on a field trip.)

We then get a side story about Koro going to a noodle restaurant and messing with the assassins sent to kill him. The closest hit attempt, though, is by the female owner of the restaurant, who is a single-mother dying from a rare, incurable disease. She wants the reward money to go to her daughter, and she tries to kill Koro using an explosive stolen from one of her customers. When the story ends, it seems that Nagisa had fallen asleep on a class trip outside, and had just dreamed it. His punk students yell at him for not being a better teacher to them.

(Fighting the clock monster to get a new watch.)

The last chapter is a rerun of Matsui's earlier story - Tokyo Depart Wars. The time is the future, the place is Tokyo. War destroyed most of the planet, leaving just one large department store in Tokyo. "Shoppers" prowl the city looking for "merchandise." In this case, merchandise takes the form of huge monsters that try to kill everyone. If you manage to defeat a monster, you get what it's carrying, such as a watch, a dress, etc. The bigger the monster, the more expensive the received item. Enter Yuzuko, a young girl trying to find a watch to replace one that her father had owned, but had been destroyed. She gets saved by a "professional shopper" that is obsessed with obtaining only top-end goods. The buyer helps Yuzuko get her watch, then says that he'll be back for her when she turns 20.

Summary: And that's how the story ends. Great fluff, great fights, great times. A bit too preachy at the end, but still tolerable. Highly recommended. Tokyo Depart Wars was mentioned in the Shonen Jump Ryuu DVD magazine, so I was interested in seeing how that turned out. It's ok, and worth reading if you want to see how Matsui debuted as a manga artist. The series is highly recommended, although you don't really need to bother with the last book.

Inside cover quote:
I saw Koro-sensei in the moon.
We can't escape him day or night.
That's our octopus crescent moon.

Back inside cover quote:
Yes, good bye.
- Koro-sensei

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