Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Weekend

Going into last Friday, I was feeling pretty good about my prospects for getting a lot of work done on the webcomic artist interviews, visiting the Meiji Restoration festival to see what they'd have on the weekend, and hitting the Halloween events Saturday and Sunday at Amu Plaza.

Unfortunately, I developed severe stomach problems that worsened through the evening, and on Saturday morning I found myself at a clinc getting poked and prodded and x-rayed, and being referred to a hospital a mile away. There, a specialist made a few proclamations, and suggested some treatments, which had me trapped up in a toilet stall until 1:30 PM, when the nurses told me they were locking up the hospital for the day. So, now I'm on the street, about half-a mile from the apartment, looking for public restrooms I can duck into. Unfortunately, the medicine they gave me just made things worse, and I had to cancel all my classes at the English school just to stay home and deal with the cramping. I didn't sleep much Friday night, and I had even less sleep Saturday night, alternating between the toilet and the shower, going through 3 liters of water and cursing the pain.

Sunday morning, I went to a larger prefectural hospital, where they went through the whole routine of ultra-sound scans, x-rays and blood taking again (I've got large bruises on both arms where the nurses stuck me with needles. The nurse at the second hospital tried taking blood from my left arm, but kept missing the vein. She apologized a lot when she switched over to my right arm, which was already bruised from Saturday.)

During all this, I can't keep food down, and I'm in a daze from the lack of sleep and mix of medicines from the day before, and it feels like my left kidney is shutting down, giving me a sharp pain in the back. I'm weak and shuffling through the hospital corridors, lagging behind the nurses and lab techs. Finally, I get to an internal organs specialist that again pinpoints the problem to the blockage in my stomach, and he gives me a pain reliever and says "be patient." Monday the earlier medicines start working correctly, and by noon the blockage is mostly gone. By Tuesday, I'm almost kin of back to normal, but I still don't have much of an appetite.

But, now my entire weekend is shot, and I missed all of the free music at Amu Plaza. Plus, I'm behind on everything else I'd wanted to do on one of the biggest holiday weekends in Japan so far this year. Sigh. Moral of the story: Don't make plans.

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