Monday, October 10, 2016

KKB Dream Event

On Saturday, after I finished work at 8 PM, I walked up to Amu Plaza, at the main train station, to see if anything was happening there. They had something set up for the local KKB TV station, but all the tables were closed up tight for the night. I found a schedule poster on one of the pillars, which showed some entertainment, but no times. I've seen the Pineapple manzai (comic duo) group before (the two guys in silver suits, and the one with orange hair), but nothing else looked interesting (the KKB event itself was identical to the one they held last year). The basic idea was to mimic the KTS TV station event a couple weeks ago, promoting their TV shows, and having some of the daytime show hosts come out and talk to the audience. I have no idea what the first act on Sunday was, but there was a short line of about 10 guys sitting on the ground and playing with computers and smartphones, camped out for the night. I should have taken a photo of that, but I passed on it at the time. I went into the department store to get free sample coffee from Kaldi, then I went home for dinner.

The next day, I did a little work in the apartment, and headed to Central Park at 1:30 PM to eat curry. At about 2 PM, I got bored and returned to Amu Plaza to look at the KKB event. It was drizzling off-and-on all day, so there weren't many people looking at the exhibits.

In this booth, kids can pretend to be voice actors with an episode of the Puri Kura TV anime series.

There were a couple kids' games, but no takers while I was there.

Adults could pose for photos on a fake set for one of the daytime talk shows.

And, they had a couple little statues of popular TV personalities.

Matsuko Deluxe.

I'm not sure who this guy is.

When I was at Amu Plaza, the main stage event was a pair of TV hosts talking to the audience.

They were joined on stage by one of their regular comics. One of the audience members commented that he thought the guy was funny. Me - I couldn't tell. I went into the department store for more free sample coffee from Kaldi, then looked around for things to take photos of for the blog. There wasn't anything. When I came back outside, some woman was singing on stage. Right behind her was a guy holding an iPad and moving his hand over the screen. My assumption was that the music was coming from an MP3 file on the iPad, and the guy was adjusting sound levels, as the woman did karaoke. Nothing else was going on, so I went to Mister Donut to drink coffee and play video games (Code of Princess). The 3DS machine ran out of battery, so I went back home at 4 PM, and I spent the rest of the evening on the computer.

Another slow week. At least I could eat a couple donuts, though...

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