Sunday, October 23, 2016

Oct. 22-23

Baru Gai Sax Quartet

The city of Kagoshima had a Baru Gai (Bargain Street) event for one day only, on Saturday. Basically, some of the shops offered discount prices on some of their goods. As part of the event, there was a small live stage. I had to work most of the day, so I just caught the last 3 minutes of a sax quartet doing an encore performance.

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Kagoshima Furosato, Oct. 23, 216

The city of Kagoshima has been celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration for a couple years now. The tents and stuff seem to be going up at least twice a year. Last Friday, I was up at Amu Plaza, and I noticed the front gate structure, and some of the banners, but I was on the wrong side of the street to go look at the schedule, so I just went home. Saturday, we had really hard rain most of the day, and I wasn't expecting any of the tents to go up. However, I finished work at 8 PM, and got to Tenmonkan at 8:20, just in time to stumble on the Baru Gai (Bargain Street) event that was only running on the 22nd. The advertising for that said the event would continue to midnight, so after dinner I returned to Tenmonkan to see if they were going to have any more live music (they didn't, and the live stage had already been dismantled). But, the rain had tapered off, so I continued up to the Kotsuki river, near the main train station to check out the tents there.

The schedule was finally set up in front of the metal gate, and it said that things would be starting Sunday morning, and continue to Nov. 6th, although the sign over the entrance gate wasn't up yet. So, I figured I'd come back the next day, if the weather was good.

Sunday morning, I had to do online English school teaching support, and I had to stay home for that. But, the weather had remained bad, with rain into the afternoon. I kept working and didn't get out of the apartment until 4 PM. At that point, it was just drizzling. However, all of the outdoor live activities (theater plays, posing for photos, and most of the food booths) had been cancelled. There were a few costumed actors who were hanging around the Meiji Restoration Museum, in the middle of the park, and they still had the used book sale (I didn't bother looking through the books because I wouldn't know the difference between a valuable book and a nonvaluable one). But, without the plays and food tables, there were no visitors to the event, either.

Across the river, though, a group of merchants and crafts people had their own booths set up. But, business was so bad that at 4:30 PM they were already tearing down. (Things were supposed to continue until 5 PM on the weekends.)

A dismal end to a dismal day. I continued up to the main train station, but there was nothing interesting happening in the main plaza, either. I went into the department store to get free sample coffee at Kaldi, and picked up some snacks (apple, chestnut and royal milk tea pudding packages, and a bag of small snack waffles), then headed back home for an early dinner. The rest of the evening was spent doing online teaching support, formatting pictures for the blog, and massaging an interview for Basket Case. Again, yet another low-key weekend.

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