Wednesday, October 5, 2016

UFO Catcher Alarm Clock

This story is starting to get old. I was at the game arcade in Amu Plaza, looking at the UFO Catchers, and...
First, not all of the prizes in the UFO Catcher machines are plush toys or plastic One Piece figures. Some of them are more useful things like MP3 player cases, and stuff. This time, they had a wall projection alarm clock. I needed a new clock, and, yes, I did figure I'd be able to get this one pretty easily. The box was propped on a pair of dowel bars, and the machine was 1 try for 100 yen, 6 for 500 yen. I kind of under-estimated the difficultly of shifting the box around, or I would have popped 500 yen into the machine upfront to get the full 6 credits. As it was, on the 6th try, I had the box in a fairly precarious position. On the 7th, I just pushed one corner down with the crane arm hand and it fell into the hopper. I did screw up on one other try, so what could have just cost me 500 yen ($5 USD) ended up coming out at 700 yen. But still, I think that's less than what I would have paid for it in the store.

The clock displays the temperature, humidity and outdoor weather conditions, plus the date and time. It takes 2 AA batteries or can run from a 4.5V power adapter. It is an alarm clock, and pressing the snooze bar turns on the front panel display (normally, it's in LCD mode to save power) while also turning on the projector so you can see the time on the ceiling or a wall for 15 seconds. Not a bad deal.

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