Monday, November 28, 2016

Amupla Christmas Market Nov. 27, 2016, Live

The Amu Plaza department store has their outdoor Christmas market now, until the end of the year. It's the first real live music event in the city this Fall, and I've been waiting months for it. I was busy in the apartment until 3:30 PM Sunday, but I did get outside, and I caught a bit of the music. The first guy was doing Karaoke, which was ok, but it was copyrighted music and there was no point in recording it for the blog. I didn't catch the name of the second group, but it kind of sounded like fan-fu-re (fanfare?), and they were from Fukuoka. I recorded the first song, but for some reason the camera failed to start recording the second one, and I didn't notice it right away. But, here's the one I did get.

Direct youtube link

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