Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Homemaker Festa

Last Saturday, the space in front of Lotteria in Tenmonkan was used to host a "Housewife/Homemaker Festa."

I'm not sure what the mascot is for. It resembles the one for one of the gas stations (radiator man), but this one might be for solar-powered housing or air conditioning.

People keep taking my camera and telling me to get into the shot. I wish they'd stop that.

The booths consisted of stuff that would appeal to housewives, like ads for interior designers, and new curtains.

They even had a stage for live music. This is the same sax quartet that played at Shochu Street a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, this time they were doing light jazz medleys, and covers of copyrighted TV anime theme songs (Sazae-san), so I didn't bother recording them. But, they played well and were popular with all the old people sitting in the audience.

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