Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ohara 2016

Nov. 2

(A few people continued to wear Halloween costumes for the event.)

Ohara is the big annual dance festival where companies have their employees dress up in outfits and then dance together along Streetcar Street for a couple hours the first night. The music is played by performers at one end of the parade route, and piped to speakers along the 1-mile route. This year, the national holiday, Culture Day, fell on Nov. 3. Because a lot of late-night drinking is involved, the first part of the event was the night before, on the 2nd, starting from 7:30 PM to about 9, so that employees could sleep it off during the holiday.

(Biokichi-kun, the Satsuma foamhead mascot for good luck.)

My stomach was settling down a little, but I had no interest in sampling any of the food, or the free shochu that was distributed from tables along the route, available during the breaks in the music. I went up and down the route, and took a little video to sample the night. Ohara never really changes from year to year, and my earlier videos are still representative of Ohara as a whole. At the end, I went home, and tried to take care of myself.

Direct youtube link

Nov. 3

I had to work Thursday. Initially, my schedule was going to go from 1 PM to 6 PM, which would be during the bulk of the daily activities. But, for various reasons, my students cancelled out, leaving me one lesson from 3 to 4 PM. My stomach was acting up again, so I stayed home as long as possible to reduce my risks of needing to lock myself up somewhere. Even so, I was able to spend about 5 minutes taking photos of the dancers along the route on my way into the school. These people have completely different dances they do from the first night, but the music is still the same for everyone as a whole. There was a lot more food, which drove me up the wall. But, every time I looked at something, my stomach would lurch and I'd have to keep walking.

A live stage was set up along a side street, but the show was just for Miffy and a pair of assistants singing the Japanese version of "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands".

The more colorful outfits stand out much better when you can see them during the day.
To make matters more irritating, the weather was perfect. The first time in weeks.

Masked superheroes are common.

Just a splash of color.

Foamhead mascots.

When I got out of the class, the yosokoi (cheerleader) groups were performing. My camera battery was running low, and my stomach was cramping a little, so I didn't try taking video. But, none of the groups were overly good. What they lacked in dance moves, they made up with energy.

It was nice being able to see some of Ohara, and to be outside during the week when the weather was this good, but I don't feel I missed all that much by cutting things short and going home to rest again.

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