Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The enemy

Ok, for those of you with queasy stomachs, who are eating right now, or don't like gory medical stories, (a symbolic story for today, in the U.S.)...


Are you gone?


You had your chance...

When I wrote about having the obstructed intestine, I'd hadn't made much of the fact that one doctor had detected a large stone in my left kidney. During the week following that, when the obstruction came back, and whenever I had cramps, the main pain was in the left side of the small of my back. That implied there might be something related to a kidney stone, but I couldn't be sure because of the complications. On Friday, the pain was continuing, so I went in for more tests, which included additional x-rays. One x-ray showed that the stone had moved, but it was still high up in the urinary tract. I was given more pain relievers, and told to make an appointment for an ultrasound treatment on Wednesday, if I thought I still needed it.

Saturday, I went in to teach classes at the school. During a short break, I had to use the toilet. A few seconds later, there was a tugging sensation and the tink-tink sound of a small rock on glass. I looked down and there was a small stone on the side of the bowl. While it was still wet, it was a solid jet black, with really smooth edges and a shape like a spearhead.

It looks different when it's dried. It's shrunk a bit and more jaggy looking. Still, it's almost 8 mm long, and about 4 mm wide. That makes it a little over 1/4 inch by an 1/8th.

I'm feeling better now.

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