Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Capsule Ball Toys - Japanese Weapons

There's a supermarket about a 5 minute walk from my apartment that I visit all the time. They have 4 little capsule ball dispensers just inside the front doors. A few days ago, I had to spend some time waiting in the store, so I checked out the dispensers. One of the machines had a line of keychain toys modeled on traditional Japanese weapons, for only 100 yen each. I got one just to see what they were like, and it turned out to be the shuriken with the chain. As I had to keep waiting, the impulse to get another toy kept growing, so I tried again. The second one was the axe-head spear, which is almost 3 inches long, and came in 3 pieces that had to be assembled. Time kept passing by, and I broke down and got one more toy - the katana. That was 4 pieces - the two halves for the scabbard, the hilt and the blade. They're pretty cool, although I wish the bigger ones had their own keychains. I would link them all together as kind of a charm bracelet, except the holes on the other two weapons are too small for the chain to fit through.

There's one more weapon in the set that I'd kind of like to get, if I have extra pocket change - the rifle.

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