Wednesday, December 21, 2016

New Traffic Light Poles

Apparently, the city of Kagoshima is in the process of replacing their old concrete traffic light poles with new galvanized steel ones. It's a relatively fast process that only takes a couple hours each. When I got up to the Shiroyama grocery store, 1 of the 4 poles at the intersection had already been replaced, and the second one was about to be removed and put on the truck in the background.

I find it amusing that the pole and the signal are both new, but the old-looking sign saying "bicycle and pedestrian light" is being reused.

Once the new light is ready, they use a sledgehammer to smash out the base of the old concrete pole, clip out the rebar, and then put the old pole on the back of the truck to be carted off to a "better place." The sheet of wood is used to prevent concrete chips from hitting passersby.

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