Saturday, July 24, 2021


Artwork at the front of a sushi and fresh seafood restaurant near Chuo train station.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Luffy Massage

Luffy from One Piece. Still don't understand how this relates to a shiatsu massage shop...

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Toyota Fest

You know those big parking lot sales events at new car dealerships, with free hot dogs, popcorn and balloons for the kids? This is Toyota's version in Japan. A pair of non-free food trucks on the front sidewalk. Oh, what a feeling.

"I can sell you overpriced cars!"

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

McDonald's Texas Burger

Micky D's has a new burger campaign. It's not really a focused campaign in that there are three new sandwiches which are unrelated - Red Hot Chicken, the Texas Burger, and the Triple Burger. This one is the Texas Burger, with bacon, taco chips, cheese and a sweet BBQ sauce. 790 yen for the full set meal ($7.50 USD).

"That's not bacon! And, that's not Texas!"

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Conan Cider

DyDo seems to have a standing contract with Case Closed to partner with their sodas. This time, it's their cider brand, which is kind of like apple cider, but really not. It's ok for drinking once a year or so, but no more than that. 130 yen ($1.20 USD).

Monday, July 19, 2021

Trombone Summer Chalk

New chalk art for the Trombone coffee shop in Tenmonkan.

Whalely good!

That one thing in a bowl glass at the lower right is supposed to be a crushed ice and syrup dessert.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Starbucks Regional Frapps

There was an announcement in the Japanese English newspapers about Starbucks rolling out unique flavors of frapps for each of the 48 prefectures.

And, there it is in the Tenmonkan shop.

$6 for this. The Kagoshima-specific flavor is "black sugar" (the Japanese version of brown sugar). Tastes like molasses. It's actually pretty good, but WAY over-priced for how little you get. Most of it is actually the flavorless whipped cream topping.