Saturday, June 5, 2021

Black Ice

Thanks to ko-kun for suggesting imgur. It's clunky, but it works. Last week, I sent an email to MediaFire asking how to bypass their new stupid system, but there's still no reply. I tried using Photobucket again, but they've gone full-subscription, putting a 250 file total upper cap on their "free trial" service, which is useless.  There's no upper limit on the number of files total I can have on imgur, but there are limits on the sizes of the files themselves (fortunately, I resize my files to keep them under 250K, usually), and there's a limit of 50 files a day. This last limit might be a pain if I go to another free live concert, or do a photo montage of some scenic trip, but that's not likely right now (if I have to, I guess I can spread large batches of files over the course of a few days). And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog post. Note: I only have 4 day's worth of posts backlogged right now, and it's been raining a lot the last couple of weeks. There aren't any events going on this month that I know of, so I may run into another dry spell here on the blog again soon, anyway.

There's a frozen snack bar called "Black Chocolate Ice Bar." It's basically just frozen chocolate ice. Not even ice milk. It's cheap, so I'll get it occasionally. This time, they're advertising a tie-in with Yu-gi-oh Sevens. But, the trading card can only be obtained on-line.

What happens when you don't practice safe temperature control.

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ko-kun said...

I like reading your posts in the morning, ignoring all the news, drama etc. Why bother with something boring that'll ruin your day when you have something like this?

Plus I'm the guy who came to you a long time about Illbleed remake.

...It's still a thing. Albeit going slowly. ;)