Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bridal House Roppongi Chalk Art

A wedding arrangement company wants you to know that the most wonderful wedding you can have needs to be in Disney Land.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Sound and Light Road, Oct. 13, 2018

On Friday, one of my students told me that there was some kind of art event being set up near her apartment that was going to span several blocks. That afternoon, I went to the City Hall to see if I could get a map for the art installation locations, but all they had was a flier for the music portion. However, one of my other students spotted me there, and offered to go with me to try to get more information somewhere. Most of the art and some of the music was to be created by high school students. MBC Corp., which owns a construction company and a radio and TV broadcasting station, also apparently runs their own school. So, some of the events were being sponsored by, and recorded by, MBC TV.

One art piece was hanging in nearby Central Park. It's 3 large sheets that look like batik soaked in coffee. The images didn't show up well in the photos.

Then there were the origami balls at the south end of the park.

I counted 4 stages total. This one between Central Park and Terukini Shrine. One in the park beside the shrine, one in front of the Kagoshima Art Museum, and one more next to the Marchen Children's museum.

The text on the stage backdrop says "Fall Hometown Festival." This stage was mostly used to present traditional folkmusic and activities. There wasn't really anything going on at this point, since the Sound and Light Road event was only on Saturday, and most of the music and light shows would go from 5 PM to 8 PM.

The Furosato stage did have stuff starting at 11:30 AM, Saturday, but I needed to do milk shopping for the week, and get ready before heading out to teach lessons from 2 PM to 8 PM. I made a point of getting out the door at 1 PM. When I got to the Furosato stage, the Jigenryu martial arts school was putting on a demo. Jigenryu has over a 200-year history, and was the sword art Saigo Takamori studied. Originally, the idea was to practice by using a large piece of wood to smash up a larger wood pole. In practice, you arc the sword up and down over your head while approaching your opponent with short quick steps, and screaming your lungs out. There's no concept of defense, or blocking an opponent's attack. You just aim forward and hack up everything in your way. Now, they just use a pole to smash up other sticks.

In the park next to the shrine, school kids were in the process of preparing their artworks. Some of which still weren't finished by 6 PM, when it was starting to get dark.

Eventually, I think this becomes Sakurajima.

I'm pretty sure this is volcanic ash from Sakurajima. When I came back during my break at 5 PM, the ash was gone, probably put in the paper bags holding candles, as ballast.

Preparing colored paper bags for candles.

As mentioned above, I had a break in lessons between 5 and 6 PM. The stage in front of the art museum was to have a wide variety of music, plus  5-minute light and music show at 7 PM. Here, we have a university band playing music from Africa. I recorded part of that (below).

A lot of the school student art was set up nearby.

In keeping with the "Light" part of the event name, all of the umbrella installations here have lights underneath.

The smaller pieces in cages have the symbol representing the Satsuma domain painted on them.

As part of the "Road" portion of the name, there were at least 100 paper lanterns set up along the street. Students, volunteers, and building owners were already lighting the candles at 5:15 PM. I was concerned there might be a fire hazzard, but maybe the lanterns were fire resistant.

Disney character styles are still very popular in Japan.

Back at the shrine park, the rope and wood frame is looking more like a volcano.

The paper bags, presumably with ash and candles, are starting to look like something.

This might be an interesting light maze, after the sun goes down.

The MBC stage was 20-30 meters from the paper bag installation, and largely featured professonal musicians playing koto, drums and guitar. I had time to record two songs. There weren't that many people watching, but they were sitting in folding chairs and that took up a lot of room, making it hard for me to move around and get good photos.

I then returned to the Furosato stage, where some group was rehearsing some kind of rice pounding dance or something. Unfortunately, the director was an idiot and kept making decisions that prolonged the rehearsal phase. I had to give up and return to the school before the 6 PM lesson start. I would have liked to have watched more of the music and dances. Maybe next year.

Direct youtube link

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Soba no Hi, and Wine Fest 2018

Last week, I think around Wednesday, the open space in front of Lotteria had their "100 yen Soba Day." Actually, the bowls of soba were between 300 and 500 yen for the fancier stuff, and the toppings were extra. But, it's the thought that counts. I didn't know this was going on until I went in to the English class to teach lessons, and when I got out, the event had finished and they were already tearing down the tables.

Eat your noodles. Kids in America are starving. (for attention.)

Wine Fest

Then, on Sat. and Sun., the same space had their occasional wine fest. 500 yen ($5 USD) for one glass of wine. In the past, they've also had live classical music to set the mood, but this time they just used a CD player. I had to work on Saturday, and when I got out at 8 PM, they'd again already shut down for the night. I didn't have the chance to get back here on Sunday.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Maguro no Hi

Oct. 10th was Maguro (Tuna) Day. There doesn't seem to be anything on this in  English. According to the Japanese wiki page, some historical person in 728 A.D. composed a song about maguro around this day. The Japan Fisheries Association later designated Oct. 10 as tuna day, and now, that's what we have. Sorry, Charlie.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Bright Face Race

More chalk art at the Bright used clothing store on Streetcar street. I think the text reads "Face to Face."

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Sionsai Poster

I was walking down by the MBC broadcasting building, when I noticed this poster in an announcement display case along the street nearby. It looked interesting, so I took a photo (of course, nothing ever looks good when you shoot it through glass), then went back home to try to get more information about it online. Initially, I was thinking it was for a play or theater event featuring some lead actress. But, it turns out to be an advertisement for the 52nd "Shion-sai," which I guess is kind of a homecoming festival for the Kagoshima Women's Junior College. The website copy goes something along the lines of "jewels sparkle beautifully, and no two jewels sparkle the same way. This year, our theme is "Jewel." Our female students all sparkle like jewels, and we want everyone to come to this event and sparkle beautifully all as you are."

"Jewel - No one glitters more."

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Bulgy Fruits

Found this strange fruit display outside of a building on my way in to Tenmonkan one evening.

They like you!