Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thanks for all the fish.

Well, I've been at this blog for almost exactly 12 years now, and I think the time is coming to wrap things up. There are almost no events taking place in Kagoshima anymore, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find anything worth writing about or taking photos of. As mentioned a couple weeks ago, the government is cracking down on unauthorized uses of manga and anime (which I doubt will change anything regarding fans uploading scans and videos of copyrighted material to youtube and other host sites). So, I'm not going to post reviews of what I'm reading anymore (which may be what the publishers want, anyway). The government is just starting to open up travel between prefectures, but with the big Obon holiday period coming up in August I'm expecting tourist travel, and people going back to their hometowns to be way, way down. Travel to and from other countries is still highly restricted. Which means that I'm not going to be going anywhere to take touristy videos. The next few months just look to be as grim as the last 4 have been.

I'm not taking down this blog. Not just yet, anyway.
Feel free to check back in occasionally to see if anything new has been posted. In the meantime, thanks for hanging around with me this long, and we'll see what the future brings.


martin said...

No events in Kagoshima? What about those severe floods that have been in the news ?

TSOTE said...

Hi Martin,

The flooding has been in areas several hundred miles away from Kagoshima. Most of the closest flooding that's been in the news has been in Kumamoto, which has been suffering from flooding and major earthquakes for the last few years. I'm told that the rain last weekend caused the roads around Kanoya, on the eastern Kyushu peninsula, to close for one day. I guess the rest of the big damage has been up at the north end of Kyushu. All we've gotten in Kagoshima has been moderate rains for the last 2 weeks. There may have been one or two small mudslides that didn't affect anyone, but I don't know the details on those. For what I've seen, the rains have been non-events, just minor nuisances.

martin said...

I see. How curious. In the news, the affected areas are often named as Kumamoto prefecture and Kagoshima prefecture. Good that Kagoshima city has been spared.

TSOTE said...

Well, Kagoshima is kind of a catch-all name as a prefecture which includes many of the islands all the way down to Okinawa. I don't know about how much flooding there might be in say Yakushima or Amami, but they're also a few hundred miles south of Kagoshima city proper.

Kuwabara said...

Well, I hope you do come back. I’ve actually have referenced your stories while traveling in Japan.