Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Movie Fliers, Set 1

Detective Pikachu

Japanese movie theaters carry stacks of fliers advertising current and upcoming movies. I don't think you'll ever see anything like this in the U.S. (but, I've been in Japan for a long time, so I may be wrong). Anyway, I went up to Amu Plaza to grab some of the fliers to post on the blog (I've done this before, but it's been a while). This time, roughly half of the 20 movies being advertised were anime (4-5 of the remaining ones were dubbed American Hollywood superhero flicks, and even the live-action Spiderman movie comes with an animated short.

First up - Detective Pikachu.
"He may look cute from the outside, but deep down inside, he's an old man!?"

Anpanman, Princess Panilla of the Ice Country.

Next up, the latest in the really little kid's series, Anpanman.

The movie for people who thought that Sugar Rush wasn't diabetes-inducing enough.
That "crunching" sound you hear during the movie? That's the saccharine hardening in your arteries.

Birthday Wonderland

Birthday Wonderland is directed by Keiichi Hara. Nothing on the movie on wiki yet. IMDB just has a short description, saying that a girl with no confidence gets found by an alchemist, and ends up saving a kingdom called Wonderland, just before her birthday.

Looks visually impressive, but the story's kind of thin. And, Hara's main credits are on Crayon Shin-chan episodes...

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