Monday, June 12, 2017

Mascot Parade June 10

Over the weekend, the space in front of Lotteria was used to host a stationery products fair. I was cutting through the area on my way to the school and I ran into a parade of foamhead mascots that were getting ready to tour the rest of the shopping complex. The fair didn't have anything interesting enough to take pictures of, but I did want to snap a couple of the mascots here, because they were ones I haven't seen before.

Not really sure who the horse is supposed to represent. I've seen the tiger in back before, and that's for some chain store. The thing in the background with the white face and red ears is the mascot for the Red Cross blood drive center.

This guy was kind of questionable.

One of the women accompanying the parade was handing out stickers for Obiko-chan. (An obi s the cloth that wraps around the waist and acts as a belt when you're wearing a kimono. The character is advertising for a city that makes kimono.)

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