Sunday, August 13, 2017

Agepaku, Aug. 13

For the next couple weeks, Amu Plaza is hosting Age-paku, which effectively translates to "Fried Food Eating." It consists of 8 or so booths selling fried chicken, fried rice, churros, etc. There is a live stage, but only 2-3 music performances each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All of the music is soft and/or J-pop. Nothing I have much interest in. I had to work all Friday to make up for the classes that got cancelled the week before because of the typhoon, and the fact that this Saturday is part of Obon Yasumi (the 1-week summer holiday). Technically, Friday should have been a day off as well, but at least I got paid for it. I pretty much stayed home on Saturday, focusing on one of the math books I got for my birthday. I did visit Amu Plaza for an hour on Sunday, but I wanted to just sit in a coffee shop and finish reading the math book, so I listened to enough of the above duo to know that I didn't want to record them, and then went to the coffee shop. The next singer, a female soloist, wasn't going to be on stage until 6 PM, which would have been 2 hours later, so I didn't stick around that long. When I finished my book, I did some shopping for the week, then went home to work on the computer again.

(Edit: This group's name is "second hand stores".)

Another slow week. At least, for right now, it isn't raining. It is hot and humid, though.

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