Thursday, January 3, 2019

Jan. 3 - Gonza Street Mochi Pounding

The merchants on Gonza Street had their annual mochi pounding and giveaway event on Jan. 3. There were 3 rounds, starting at 12 PM. Again, I was expecting the lines to be really long, so I walked around Tenmonkan looking for the other spots where various merchants have had poundings in the past (Yamakataya, Lotteria, Tenpara, KFC), but there was nothing set up in those locations this year. I had seen one poster a week earlier stating that there were going to be other three places doing mochi poundings, but I hadn't taken a photo of it (I should have), and I didn't remember if they were going to be on the third or not.

I got back to Gonza Street, and the merchants were in the process of handing the snacks out. One piece per person, with a sweet soy sauce poured on top. The line was fairly short, and there were still maybe 30 pieces on the back table waiting to be prepared. So, I got in line, and a couple minutes later, I got one. They're grilled, and still crunchy and warm when served. Pretty good, especially since they're free.

One of the guys I know was also there, and he mentioned that one of the soba shops a couple blocks away was going to be doing a pounding starting at 4 PM. Unfortunately, I had to return to the apartment to spend the day at new year cleaning. I didn't finish that until 6 PM, and then I had to do some shopping for more cleaning supplies at Aeon department store, which finished at 7 PM. After that, I had dinner. Bottom line, I missed the soba shop mochi. Oh well.

Nothing else planned now.
Happy New Year.

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