Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Tenmonkan had a love note stand in the middle of one intersection.

For when you want to write a note to someone you love, but don't actually want them to read it.

Meanwhile, Amu Plaza had their annual Choco Pakku sales event.

They had a lot of people window shopping, but most of the products (chocolates, bread, ice cream, snacks) were very overpriced. Still, on Sunday, some of the places were almost sold out.

In Japan, Feb. 14 is when women give chocolate to the men they have to live or work with. For co-workers, this is usually just a cheap chocolate bar, called "giri choco" (obligation chocolate). For family members, it may also be giri choco. Then, on March 14th, White Day, the men are supposed to give return gifts, but most of them don't. Which is why most office women hate this day.

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