Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ramen Oh, Feb. 17, 2017

KTS TV sponsored another ramen contest at Dolphin Port over the weekend. 700 yen ($6 USD) got you one ticket. On Friday, it also got me a bag of beef stew mix and a breath mint (which were missing on Saturday). The idea being to use the ticket for a bowl of ramen. The staff exchange the ticket for a medallion. After eating, you put the medallion in a box at the judging table for the company you think had the best ramen.

This time, there were only 18 restaurants represented, and the one I went to last time was missing. I learned about the event from one of my students on Friday, and I swung by to take a few photos for the blog after my class at 4 PM. There weren't that many people at that time, and I figured that I might as well get a bowl of something while I was there. They did have an event stage but nothing was scheduled until 5 PM, and that was just the Southern Cross idol group singing and dancing.

The ramen I selected was an Indian-style curry soup that was pretty good.

Then on Saturday, I had a 1-hour break at 6 PM. The stage event was an interview with a couple members of the Kagoshima FC soccer team, but it was pretty lame ("How do you feel about this season, what ramen do you like to eat," etc.) While I was in the area, I opted to try a different ramen suggested by another student - the truffle ramen, which featured slices of pork prepared 3 different ways. The weather had gotten a lot colder since the day before, and the serving staff put plastic wrap over the bowl to keep the heat in until I could get to the tables to start eating. There were a lot more people on the second night, and not that much space at the tables. The ramen was good, but not overly special.

(Kagoshima United FC.)

Still, it was a decent way to kill a little time. I didn't go back on Sunday though because I was busy with translation work online.

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