Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kami Usagi Rope Machi Shop

Kami Usagi Rope ("paper rabbit Rope") is a spin-off TV anime from another ensemble show. I haven't seen it before, but the goods shop is now on the 6th floor of the Taka Plaza department store (the store itself is used as the background for the billboard above), and I wanted photos for the blog. The goods shop is available from Sept. 8th to the 24th.

Unlike past goods shops, this one has lots of interactive activities for both children and adults, from a "high-five" button slapping booth, to a hoop toss game, and art tables. The goods themselves include t-shirts, packages of ramen, chips, etc. All of which is over-priced. The electronic games also cost money (500 yen; $4.50 USD), but maybe you get prizes for high scores.

The high-five game, where you have to hit buttons as they light up.

Hoop toss.

You can sit at the kotatsu in this set piece and pose for photos for your friends.

The background is a panorama scene of Rope's town. The art table here is set up for making acrylic art plates of the TV series characters, for 648 yen each. I didn't try that myself. I was there at 11:30 AM on Tuesday, and there were only a couple older housewives that dropped by to play the High Five game, so I didn't get to see what the finished plates look like.

Close-up of one part of the panorama.

One of the other tables had coloring pencils and oil crayons for use on sheets of the characters' faces. This was free, so I asked the staff if it was ok for me to draw something, and they said "sure." I decided to try something a bit oddball, which took over 30 minutes to finish. While I was doing this, the DVD player looped through the TV anime shorts 3 times. So, now I have a better understanding of the show. It's essentially a low-key gag series, with the characters mostly standing and talking to each other, and being obnoxious. It's almost like Beavis and Butthead plus Family Guy, but not really.

If I had my little scissors with me, I would have made the combination more seamless. It's now hanging on the wall at the shop, along with all the drawings by younger children.

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